Product Type: Therapeutic  Scalp & Hair Care  
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Therapeutic_Shampoo DHT-Control Shampoo: BaumanMD – 10 oz. Contains active natural ingredients, including Caffeine, Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Serrulata) and a Green Tea derivative called epigallocatechin-3- gallate (EGCG) which in published scientific studies have each been shown to have an effect on DHT, a known trigger for hair loss. $38.00Buy Now
Therapeutic_Shampoo Therapeutic Conditioner: BaumanMD – 10.6 oz. Contains 3 potent natural active ingredients that have been shown to block the effects of DHT, the hormone that activates the hair loss process. $38.00Buy Now
INTACT Root Securing Complex INTACT Root Securing Complex Select from a one to four month supply.  INTACT Root Securing Complex is designed to dramatically reduce hair loss during the times that we yank, pull, & tug on our hair. Doctor developed and clinically proven. INTACT addresses issues such as hair shedding, traction alopecia and hair fall. INTACT may be used in combination with medical and non-medical hair regrowth treatments, but please consult with Dr. Bauman regarding your specific treatment regimen. Try INTACT today!  *Shipping not included. $34.00-$160.00Buy Now
Product Type: Hair Care
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Shampoo Shampoo: BaumanMD – 10.6 oz. A light-weight yet moisturizing, sulfate-free, color-safe botanical formulation that gently cleans the hair while maintaining a healthy pH balance. $25.00Buy Now
Conditioner Conditioner: BaumanMD – 10.6 oz. A light-weight, superior emollient with sunscreen that helps protect the hair shaft while a combination of botanicals and vitamins rejuvenate the look and feel of your hair, leaving it healthy, shiny and voluminous. Specially formulated for thinning, transplanted or laser treated hair. $25.00 Buy Now
Product Type: Hair Beauty
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Hair_Spray Hair Spray: BaumanMD – 10 oz A lightweight fast drying styling mist that has exceptional hold without sticky residue or build-up. $24.00 Buy Now
Styling_Gel Styling Gel: BaumanMD – 7.5 oz. A super-hold defining gel for all hair types. Botanical extracts give shine without flaking or build-up. $17.00 Buy Now
Volumizer_Spray Volumizer Spray: BaumanMD – 8 oz. A light-weight volumizing mist that contains sea salts which gives your hair exceptional volume and thickness. $24.00 Buy Now
Product Type: Hair Camouflage
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Fiberhold_-_Toppik_Brand Fiberhold: Toppik Brand (9 colors) Topical camouflaging powder made of natural keratin protein fibers that attach to hair shafts & give the appearance of thicker fuller hair. 9 colors. Choose (SELECT) Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Medium Blonde, Blonde, Auburn, Gray, White. 30-Day supply. $26.00 Buy Now
Spray_Maximizer-Applicator Spray Maximizer/Applicator This applicator allows you to spray on Toppik powder so that fibers disperse more evenly and are directed more precisely onto hair shafts giving a more natural look. $25.00 Buy Now
Fiberhold_Spray Fiberhold Spray Toppik Fiberhold Spray strengthens the bond between Toppik fibers and thinning hair. Pump spray bottle contains fiber and hair bonder for extra longevity. 60 Day Supply. $12.00 Buy Now
Product Type: Nutritional
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BaumanMD_Hair_Vitamin_Complex BaumanMD Hair Vitamin Complex Available EXCLUSIVELY at Bauman Medical and at all Certified Hair Coach Locations, BaumanMD Hair Vitamin Complex tablets contain ingredients formulated to provide a gradual release of Vitamin C and B- complex plus 20 other ingredients. Each bottle contains a 1 month supply. Cost is $1 a day! $30.00 Per Bottle (1 month supply)Buy Now
Therapeutic_Shampoo Super Biotin: BaumanMD – 3 Month Supply Biotin is necessary for cell growth and is often recommended as a dietary supplement for strengthening hair and nails. Take 1 capsule daily. Each bottle contains a 3 month supply. Each capsule contains 10,000 mcg. $30.00Buy Now
Therapeutic_Shampoo Stem Cell Formula: Stem Kine – 1 Month Supply 30 day supply of Stem Kine Nutritional Supplement. $75.00Buy Now
Viviscal_Pro_Supplement_Pills Viviscal Pro Supplement Pills A naturally based, pharmaceutical grade dietary supplement made with the marine extracts that supplies vital nutrients needed to nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth. DO NOT CONSUME IF ALLERGIC TO SHELLFISH. Recommended dosage is one tablet twice a day. Each box contains a 1 month supply. $75.00 Per Box (1 month supply) Buy Now
Product Type: Genetic Hair Loss Test
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Genetic_Hair_Loss_Test Genetic Hair Loss Test The HairDX Genetic Hair Loss Test is a genetic test that will help determine if you are genetically predisposed to loosing your hair based on your sensitivity. A simple cheek swab is all that is needed! $360.00 Buy Now
Product Type: Low-Level Lasers
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Laser_Cap_with_hat_-_Hands-Free Laser Cap with hat (Hands-Free) The power of a clinical laser therapy unit in a cordless, rechargeable discreet treatment device that fits under your hat for non-chemical, non- invasive, pain-free treatment almost anywhere~anytime! 224 laser diodes (650 nm/5mW). Kit Includes cap, rechargeable battery pack, A/C power adapter for charging and a sturdy travel case. $2999.00 Buy Now
Capillus Capillus with hat (Hands-Free) The power of a clinical laser therapy unit in a cordless, rechargeable discreet treatment device that fits under your hat for non-chemical, non- invasive, pain-free treatment almost anywhere~anytime! With 272 low level laser diodes and a compact under-the-cap construction, the FDA-Cleared Capillus272 is designed to reawaken dormant hair follicles and spur newer, fuller hair growth with comprehensive LLLT exposure to the entire scalp. Includes cap, rechargeable battery pack, A/C power adapter for charging and a stylish travel case. $2999.00 Buy Now
Product Type: Prescription Items
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Compounded Minoxidil Formula 82M “Formula 82M” is a customized compounded prescription solution that contains the FDA-approved hair growth medication Minoxidil and other ingredients in a nonirritating propylene glycol-free base. Learn More
Compounded Topical Finasteride Formula 82F Formula 82F “Finoxidil” is a topical compounded prescription solution containing the FDA-approved hair growth medications finasteride and minoxidil Finasteride is the active ingredient in the FDA-approved drug Propecia. Minoxidil is the FDA-approved active ingredient in over-the-counter Rogaine and in compounded prescription Formula 82M. Learn More
Compounded Finasteride FinPlus Compounded Finasteride FinPlus contains pharmacy compounded finasteride 1.25mg PLUS a sophisticated blend of standardized, hair-healthy organic herbs and nutrients in a convenient daily oral capsule for maximum hair regrowth. Learn More